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Essere Franco | Verismo Wines


Virtual Tastings

As we move into the next phase of opening up, we are apreciating that not everyone will be able to come to Napa soon. So, we want to bring a little bit of Napa to you through private virtual tastings!   Hosted by your favorite EF personality, you will taste through a personal selection of our wines and have a bit of fun. We have provided you with some suggested packages for your consideration.  

In order to make this easy for your virtual trip to Napa, just choose your wines and schedule your tasting today by emailing us at or by calling us at 707-339-8019. 

All Virtual Tasting packages are at a special price: 30% off retail and include a flat $20 shipping rate. 

Custom packages are available, so visit our store to see all of our offerings! 

Orders typically take 3-10 business days to ship, so currently we are taking reservations about one to three weeks ahead of your proposed tasting date, depending on how far from Napa we are shipping your Virtual tasting package.  All tastings take place using Zoom, which can be downloaded for free by clicking here, or your preferred video meeting platform. Any group size is welcome, but we have found that things tend to work more smoothly with those under 20 participants. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the email and phone number above. We look forward to hearing from (and seeing) you!

Essere sani  (to be healthy!)

The Fall Classics Package

Retail: $151.00           Virtual Tasting Package: $106.00

1 Bottle 2018 Essere Franco Sauvignon Blanc

1 Bottle 2018 Essere Mi Stainless-Steel Chardonnay

1 Bottle NV Formula 4 Red Wine

What a great way to enjoy the fall -  refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, crisp and clean stainless-steel-aged Chardonnay, and one of our favorite reds - fruit forward, juicy and our favorite everyday red wine! Enjoy sipping these while you learn about how the wines are made.  We'll answer all of your Napa questions! 


The Vintage Reserve Competition Package

Retail: $180.00           Virtual Tasting Price: $126.00

1 Bottle 2017 Essere Franco Estate Chardonnay

1 Bottle 2018 Essere Franco Estate Chardonnay

1 Bottle 2019 Essere Napa Estate Chardonnay

Want to see how vintages can differ? This selection of our reserve, estate-grown Chardonnay shows exactly why we say ours stands alone. It is sooo good and is one of the few Chardonnays made in Napa that is suitable for aging!  See which one is your favorite! 


The Estate Package

Retail: $268.00           Virtual Tasting Price: $188.00

1 Bottle 2018 Essere Franco Sauvignon Blanc

1 Bottle 2016 Essere Franco Malbec

1 Bottle 2016 Essere Franco Cabernet Sauvignon

Did you know that if a wine says “estate” on the label, that it is really quite rare!  Less than five percent of all of the wines in Napa Valley carry that esteemed designation!  To qualify, 95% of the grapes in that special wine have to be grown in vineyards on the owner's estate.  Thanks to Frank – you can taste a selection of our own ESTATE wines and see what all the fuss is about!


The Winemaker's Choice Package

Retail: $298.00           Virtual Tasting Price: $208.00

1 Bottle 2018 Essere Franco Sauvignon Blanc

1 Bottle 2016 Essere Franco Malbec

1 Bottle 2016 Essere Franco Winemaker’s #1 Blend

Our winemaker, Tom Foster, picked these favorites to go with food and friends. His reasoning: first, because of how we ferment our Sauvignon Blanc (a teaser for the tasting), second, because the Malbec is kind of our “thing,” and third, because the 2016 Winemaker’s #1 Blend is his new baby - and not even officially released!  If the timing works, we can see if Tom even can make a guest appearance! 


The Director of Winemaking Special - a.k.a. "The Owner"

Retail: $413.00           Virtual Tasting Price: $289.00

1 Bottle 2018 Essere Franco Sauvignon Blanc

1 Bottle 2016 Essere Franco Winemaker’s #1 Blend

1 Bottle 2014 Essere Franco Proprietary Red Wine

Shaun, our owner, Director of Winemaking, and resident Ph.D. chemist has his favorites! He would love for you to start with our refreshing and unique Sauvignon Blanc and then move on to our new baby – the 2016 Winemaker's #1 Blend (this is what happens when you tell the winemaker to do the best with what mother nature has given you).  Finally, you will finish the tasting off with our “Prop Red” from one of the most acclaimed vintages in the last decade.   Shaun is also a master chef - so all of these are, of course, paired with a suggested menu that you can cook and enjoy during your tasting. 


The Literary Vertical Package

Retail: $450.00          Virtual Tasting Price: $225.00

Extra Savings- 50% off retail - this is a really great tasting!

1 Bottle 2014 Essere Franco Proprietary Red Wine

1 Bottle 2016 Essere Franco Proprietary Red Wine

Those of you who have tasted our Proprietary Red Wine know that every vintage has different levels of fruit and structure, making the wines not only great to savor but fun to pair. Big and bold –those words also describe the story that accompanies the wines! Join us in tasting these exceptional blends - both from highly rated vintages!