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Holiday 2020

With the Holidays rapidly approaching, days are getting shorter and it’s definitely red wine time!


Holiday Dinner Package:

Three bottles to enjoy over the holiday meal – 1 bottle of the 2017 Estate Sauvignon Blanc to sip before the meal, 1 bottle of the 2018 Essere Mi Chardonnay to enjoy with your first course and move on then to the mail course - our newest red powerhouse, the Formula 4! Holiday Price:  $146.00    (Retail: $183)  20% savings

The Holiday Pair:

The 2018 Estate Chardonnay and the 2016 Estate Malbec – a pair that can’t be beat!  Holiday price: $136.00  (Retail: $170) 20% savings

White Wines for a Long Holiday Weekend:

Our 2017 Estate Chardonnay that is perfect for all of those leftovers on the weekend! Beautiful tropical fruit with just a hint of creaminess to enjoy and be extra thankful for because of this unheard of special: 6 bottles for $150.00  (Retail: $360.00)   60% savings!!!!

Reds to be Thankful For

2016 Winemaker NO. 1: This wine is what happens when the winemaker is tasked to make "the best of the best" from the vintage.  Holiday Price: $120.00 (Retail: $150.00)  20% savings

2014 Essere Franco Proprietary Red: The perfect wine to take the chill out of the air and can also be enjoyed with a custom made hand-wrapped cigar after dinner. What a treat!        Holiday Price: $125  (Includes 2 Custom cigars- our version of the Exactus Clasico) (Retail: $265)    52% savings

Formula 4: Our newest red powerhouse, and only pre-released to our Club Members. From above the caves, souring over the beautiful vineyards, Formula 4 arose out of the amazing mix of aromatic hydrocarbons aged three years in the barrel.  This is what happens when the winemaker teams up with our owners to create a wine whose resulting intensity and elegance is a perfectly balanced equation!         Holiday Price: $68  (Retail: $85) 20% savings

We are happy to offer these and any other selection of our wines for a special Thanksgiving price ( a.k.a. “ I can’t wait until 2020 is over” pricing) of 20% off.  

And to make the holiday more festive, we have a few ideas and some links to make it easy for you

Host a Virtual Table

Send fun virtual dinner invitations complete with a zoom link

where you will all “gather.” If you have a Spotify account, check out 

these curated Holiday dinner playlists that you can play for everyone 

throughout your zoom session. You can even plan a holiday movie together with Teleplay!


Happy Holidays from all of us at Essere Napa!